Does CalltrackFX require a contract?

No contracts required! CalltrackFX is a month-to-month service.


How is billing calculated?

CalltrackFX low price is $10 for each number and then 10 cents per minute for each phone number used.


Does CalltrackFX work with cell phones?

Yes! Your standard cell phone rates apply.


Can I change my CalltrackFX number?

Yes! You can change the CalltrackFX numbers you use at any time.


How soon until a new call shows in the reports?

Unless you have extremely high call volume, your new calls should show up instantly in your reports. Otherwise, there may be a slight delay.


If the caller is calling from a cell phone, can I still capture caller data?

Yes! Because cell phone companies do not provide caller data, you would see only the caller ID name and phone number.


Do the recording expire?

You'll have access to your recordings for 1 year.


Do you ever re-use numbers?

Yes, but only after they have been inactive for 3-6 months and no longer receive calls. We never re-use numbers that receive a high call volume after they are inactive.



"Before we were working with only half the data. Now we see the whole picture. And can make better decisions."

-Henry 12.12.2009

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