Real-time phone call analytics seamlessly integrated into your web data. Now you have the whole picture.

With CalltrackFX, you'll know how many phone calls your marketing campaign is generating. With the data automatically integrated into your Google Analytics™, you'll know exactly how your marketing campaign is doing...and you'll have the measurable success to prove it.


You can use the data to tweak your campaign or plan for future ones. Most importantly, you'll be spending your marketing dollars more efficiently, increasing your overall marketing ROI.



Features & Benefits

1. Your Conversions Will Improve

More leads will turn into sales because you'll have accurate caller data and demographic information. Identify the strongest leads and no longer waste time on the weak ones.


2. Your Marketing Campaigns Will Improve

You'll know the most successful marketing campaigns thanks to measurable results. You can use these results to make better decisions on how to optimize your marketing dollars.


3. Your Performance Will Improve

You'll have recordings of your sales calls to use as training. As you improve sales techniques, your sales will improve.


4. Real-Time Reports Customized For You

Your call data from your ad campaigns, both online and offline, will be directly entered into your Google Analytics™, right along-side your web data. You can access your real-time analytic reports from the web at any time. You can set up reports to be automatically emailed to you or log on and download reports in several easy-to-read formats.


5. Unique Phone Numbers for PPC and SEO Traffic

Unique phone numbers can be automatically displayed on your site depending on how the caller landed on your page. That way, you'll know exactly the number of calls any one keyword, search engine or pay-per-click ad is generating.


6. Local Phone Numbers

Now you can be a local business to all your customers. With CalltrackFX, you can display local numbers without having to go through the phone companies.



"Before we were working with only half the data. Now we see the whole picture. And can make better decisions."

-Henry 12.12.2009

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